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CCW725 Curtain Wall System

Series CCW725 Curtain Wall system was designed for simple screw spline fabrication and panel-set installation.

  • 2 1/2" x 7"
  • Captured or Blind Glazed
  • 1/4" or 1" Glazing




Captured and Blind Glazed

Glazing gasket:

  • Same EPM gasket used on exterior/interior and perimeter

Screw spline joinery allows:

  • Panelized assembly for “Ladder” type installation


  • Factory pre-punched alignment holes 9” on center
  • P-bar attached to back members with #12-14 x 1 ¼” HWH self -drilling screws

Removable snap-on interior trim cover at head, horizontal and sill allows:

  • Direct head/sill attachment to substrate without using T-anchors
  • Anchor inspection to substrate after glazing
  • Through bolt attachment of panels for ease of installation and for high span wind loads
  • Inspection of critical joinery seals after glazing and repair when necessary

Injection molded ABS plastic end dams at head, horizontal and sill allows:

  • Tight seals at intersection of vertical/horizontal joints
  • Zone glazed pressure equalized system for water control
  • Water drains to exterior through weep holes located in pressure bar and face cap

Performance Testing

Air Infiltration Test at 6.24 psf
(ASTM E283)
<0.06 cfm/ft²
Uniform Load Deflection Test at
(ASTM E330)
+/- 60 psf
Water Infiltration Test at
(ASTM E331)
20 psf
Uniform Load Structural Test at
(ASTM E330)
+/- 90 psf


CAD details are available on our Technical Documentation page.

Please contact us for testing reports and other system information.

Additional photos and illustrations available soon.

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