Cardinal Talon Hydraulic Punch Press

  • Perfect punches, every time
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Portable
  • Uses common 110V power
  • Includes adjustable stop bar

For fast precision joinery fabrication, Cardinal Commercial Products is pleased to offer the Cardinal Talon Hydraulic Punch Press. The Talon is shipped complete with the die sets for the CF450 and CFF451T store front framing.

The Cardinal Talon Hydraulic Punch Press System includes:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Built in 110 VAC hydraulic power unit with reservoir and directional hydraulic valve.
  • 10’ extrusion run-out bar with three adjustable stops for intermediate horizontal locations.
  • 3.25” bore heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for maximum punching force
  • All required hydraulic connections
  • Electrical components including foot switch for machine operation and motor starter with overload protection
  • Machine only requires a standard 110VAC single phase outlet connection in order to be in operation.

As we expand our product lines, additional punch die sets for each new system will become available.

Cardinal Commercial Products offers a rebate program where a percentage of your purchases go towards paying off your Talon. Contact us for details.

If you have an existing punch press manufactured by Arnim Tool, we can provide you with a CF450/CF451T die set that’s interchangeable with the Arnim press

Die Sets Available

  • Series CF450 - 1/4” Glazing
  • Series CF451 - 1” Glazing
  • Series CF451T - 1” Glazing

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