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Series CF450, CF451 or CF451T Framing Systems

Storefront systems with the broadest flexibility ever

Here is the architect’s ideal storefront system that adapts to maximum design variations thanks to a unique high performance subsill pan receptor and with perimeter framing sections featuring full depth glazing pockets. Series CF450 and/or Series CF451T (thermally broken) framing systems are perfect exterior storefront sections for schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and even practical for interior applications. Many glazing infill and entrance door combinations are possible:

  • Fixed single or dual glazing for captured on all four sides
  • Butt glazing for 3/8” and/or ½” captured only at the head/sill for unobstructed shopfront view

Double weather-sealed throughout

Improved sectional design permits silent expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall. Double seal feature (even extends to the expansions sections) contributing to energy efficiency by reducing air infiltration.

Efficient structural use of materials

Heavier sections are used where greater strength and deflection resistance are required. Lighter sections, where dictated by successful field and design experience, serve to keep costs in line. 

Achieves that permanently new look

All systems are designed to blend structural integrity with architectural good sense in permanently new looking storefronts or window walls. These storefront/window wall systems permit the architect to design fronts with essential freedom and built-in functional styling. 

Continuous flashing regardless of sill condition

Subsill pan provides continuous flashing regardless of sill conditions. To ensure proper water drainage any infiltrated water is drained to exterior through a series of 1/4” Ø weep holes strategically positioned  in the subsill pan. Each weep hole is backed with a urethane coated baffle to reduce air infiltration and harmonic sounds on interior caused by wind gusting on the exterior. 

Entrance door flexibility

Cardinal Commercial Products framing systems are designed to accept Series 200, 300 and 500 entrance doors, as well as a full line of all glass entrance doors, with the most popular hardware and exit devices. All doors can be modified to become Accessible Entrance for meeting ADA specifications. 

  • Series 200N - Narrow Stile with 2 1/8” stiles
  • Series 300M - Medium Stile with 3 3/4” stiles
  • Series 500W - Wide Stile with 5” stiles

Quality is also a critical dimension

Cardinal Commercial Products recognizes that no other product reflects more upon the practical design and long-life utility of a commercial building than aluminum storefront products and that no other product is viewed more often, from the exterior and interior. Quality doesn’t cost, it pays!

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