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Company History

Hoskin & Muir, Inc.

In 1946 Ed Hoskin pulled a trailer load of decorative aluminum extrusions purchased from the William L. Bonnell Company in Youngstown, Ohio to San Francisco. He rented a garage and started wholesaling metal. In 1948 Denis Muir joined him as a partner, and Hoskin & Muir was born. For decades we sold aluminum trim throughout the Western United States and the Pacific from Aspen, Colorado to Agana, Guam. Our customers included hardware stores, lumber yards, floor covering shops, mirror and glass houses and various manufacturers. In the mid 80’s we started selling aluminum extrusions to the shower door industry and this segment of our business became increasingly important to us.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures

In 1993 we formed a partnership with one of our customers, a shower door manufacturer, and started selling shower enclosures throughout the West. Wanting to expand our distribution nationwide, in 1995 we opened a manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1996 we bought out our partner and Cardinal Shower Enclosures became a wholly owned division of Hoskin & Muir. We opened distribution facilities in Southern California and Texas in 1999, Hawaii in 2003, and Massachusetts and Nevada in 2004.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures has grown to become one of the largest shower door manufacturers in the country. Two philosophical principles have driven this growth. First, we want to provide the best service in the industry. Our motto is: “Complete. Correct. On time. Every time.” For example, when we started manufacturing shower enclosures our competitors were delivering orders in ten days to two weeks. We started delivering next day. It transformed the industry. Second, we want our product line to be the broadest in the industry and the quality the highest. Today we offer an extremely wide selection of models, finishes and glass options from patterned to cast glass. Our enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability and carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship and materials.

Heavy glass shower enclosures, enclosures manufactured with 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass and using hinge hardware and pulls, became increasingly prominent in the industry. An issue we faced nationwide was that temperers were not prepared to provide custom tempered glass consistent with the quality standards required by the industry. Nationwide, there was a 20% to 30% reject rate on custom tempered glass for heavy glass enclosures. Therefore, in 2007 we expanded our manufacturing facility to a 160,000 square feet, purchased state-of-the-art glass fabrication and tempering equipment, and started tempering glass for our own enclosures. We’ve reduced our rejection rate to less than 2%.

Today Cardinal Shower Enclosures services 42 states and two Canadian provinces with our own fleet of trucks. Our commitment to quality, service and product development is unwavering as we continue to improve each and every year. 

Cardinal Commercial Products

In early 2013 we introduced a comprehensive line of architectural aluminum products designed for the commercial aluminum and glass storefront and curtain wall market under the name Cardinal Commercial Products. We offer an extensive range of products especially designed for today’s modern building structures. All products are backed by a commitment to superior service and expertise which has been the key to our success for over 65 years. From storefronts and entrance doors to curtain wall systems, the company’s products afford limitless choices and unmatched quality for every project. 

Cardinal Commercial Products uses the latest in technology and production equipment to offer competitive lead times and prices.  All standard framing systems, including curtain wall, feature screw-spline assembly for simple fabrication and labor saving installation. Series 200, 300 and 500 entrance doors feature interlocking corner block construction with five mechanical fasteners corner construction which eliminates the need for welded corners and provides structural integrity. Cardinal Commercial Products backs each entrance door it sells with a limited lifetime corner construction warranty. All Cardinal Commercial Product systems have been tested to the latest AAMA standards by Architectural Testing Laboratory for water, air and structural performance.

Cardinal Commercial Products will continue the tradition started by Hoskin & Muir, providing top quality service, a broad product line, and on-time delivery.

Don Cameron Ross -  October 24, 1941 – April 8, 2016

Donald Cameron Ross, owner of HMiCardinal, started life in 1941, in a simple, loving home in Monterey Park, CA.  The youngest child of Evelyn and Donald Cameron Ross, Don was a smart, dedicated young man who helped others while achieving academic excellence.  His entrepreneurial passion was in full swing from the start. As a young boy he went door to door in his neighborhood selling vegetables from his garden, and other things that his creative mind could conceive.  He had a bank account at age 7, and put in almost every penny he earned.  He loved sales and loved people, a perfect set up for his successful life to follow.  

Don graduated from Whittier High in Whittier, CA at 17 years of age.  Little did he know the significance of the name of his high school “Home of the Cardinals”.  The die was cast.  He went on to Cal Poly receiving a degree in Mathematics in 1963, and later obtained a Masters Degree from UCLA.  

As he came to the end of his Cal Poly experience and looked toward graduation, Don, as always, confidently decided he wanted a career in the most exciting company in our country at the time, NASA.  He went to NASA, knocked on the door, spoke to a Human Resources person, and got sent right over to Mission Planning.  Don got a job on the spot and started the Monday after graduation.  He was to be part of one of our greatest achievements, sending a man to the moon.  He was responsible for the trajectory of the space ship so it could get to the moon and home.  After the lunar landing in 1968, he was only in his 20’s.  He was promoted by NASA, started going to UCLA from afar, and had what all friends and family thought was a brilliant career.  But, Don really didn’t see it that way.  He knew just what he wanted, and it was a life where he could make a good income and have freedom of time.  He didn’t want to work for others, and his entrepreneurial spirit was bubbling at the core.  

In 1946, Ed Hoskin hauled a trailer load of decorative aluminum purchased from the William L. Bonnell Company in Youngstown, OH, to San Francisco, CA.   Mr. Hoskin struggled along wholesaling the trim for a couple of years, then advertised for a financial partner.  Then one day, Dennis Muir showed up on his doorstep.  They formed a partnership, and in 1948, Hoskin & Muir was born. 

In the fall of 1970, Mr. Muir advertised in the Wall Street Journal for a salesman partner – someone to succeed him.  Don, a 29-year-old ex-Apollo aerospace engineer, showed up on his doorstep and got the job.  For the next fifteen years Don sold aluminum trim from Aga’a, Guam to Steamboat Springs, CO.  While Don was on the road, Al Johnson worked the order desk and Wes Desoto packed orders.

In the mid 1980’s, Don started selling aluminum to shower door manufacturers and this segment became increasingly important.  In 1993, Don had a falling out with his largest customer, a shower door manufacturer, which inspired him to go into the shower door business. Don wanted to expand his business and find the perfect location to service the growing customer base and Louisville, KY was the spot.  

In January 1995, Don moved to Louisville.  Business took off quickly thanks to many people.  The small group included Curtis Young, the best inside sales guy Don said he ever knew, Wes Desoto ran the shop like a pro, and Al Johnson, Don’s right hand guy, made it all possible.  Now HMiCardinal has over 580 employees, with 6 locations across the country, and a 380,475 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY.  

Don’s love of hard work, people, sales and life itself made him one of the best this world had to offer.  He loved HMiCardinal and all who worked for him.  His memory will live on in our hearts and minds.  

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Cardinal Commercial Products offers a comprehensive line of architectural aluminum products designed for the commercial aluminum and glass storefront and curtain wall market.


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